je m’attaque à un gros morceau qui fait polymique depuis une 20ène d’années, à savoir un livre écrit par éric zemmour. Je n’y vais avec aucun appriorie vu que je ne suis ni arabe, ni féministe, ni homosexuel. Et il s’attaque à des pents de notre civilisation. Vas tu aimer mon analyse ou me brûler sur le bûché?


My opinion

He is a very great debater mr zemmour, he seeks by all means that we join his fight. He defends his convictions with hardcore, we can at least admit this quality to him. Here, he tackles the deconstruction of male identity, for him, women have won on all fronts. He analyzes this descending phase through the prism of history and ancient writings. Unfortunately, it does not take into account the totality of men and women. When he says "a boy likes to fight, flirt, fuck" for him it's been done since the dawn of time. On the other hand if we take my example, 1M94 120kg, athletic body, I should like boxing, kiss women, drink a beer? it is not. I love decoration, creativity, girls' activities. But according to his book, it is linked to propaganda that would have confused our minds. For example, wearing pink for a boy, doll toy. He really refuses to admit that there are people who absolutely do not want this image of man and that fortunately over the centuries we have ended up accepting these minorities who are becoming more and more the majority! He even goes so far as to imply that the male represents death, war, evil. For the latter I somewhat agree that the feminist has taken too great a place in our society and that it castrates the alpha male, but it's just a question of equality. When there are 20% of alphas males who impose the rules and write history, very little by little, the rules change, the 80% have the right to exist, to create, to live. I'm really not sure that in the middle ages all the men were happy to be in the mud and fight, or to take women for objects ...

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in short

this book remains interesting because it has a background of truth if you are a man and you have questions about your identity.It is a reguin of testosterones. If you are a convinced feminist, it is better not to tire your mind and go your way.



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